Entrepreneur Development

A wide variety of services are provided by the Fondation, its volunteers, donors and past Laureates. These services are exclusively offered to Fondation Montréal inc. laureates and entrepreneurs of the Zone Montréal Inc. activated by Desjardins.

Training Program 

The Fondation offers entrepreneurs a free training program taught by experts from a range of fields including: marketing, finance, public relations, sales, etc. This practical training is intended to improve entrepreneurial skills. In addition, the training provides the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs who are experiencing similar challenges. The objective is to help them grow their business.

To see the upcoming training and to register, access your profile.

The Fondation's training program receives financial support from Economic Development Canada, Citi Foundation and Emploi Québec.


Mentoring enables Laureates to build relationships with successful entrepreneurs who offer their time as well as friendly, constructive advice.


Coaching consists in a consultation or a series of consultations on a given subject with a specialist. Coaching allows the transfer of knowledge, of a specific technique or of a particular skill related to a subject that is not part of the laureate's expertise, for example, on legal, financial, marketing, management issues, etc.

Coaching sessions are available all the time and are tailored to real-world problems. Coaching is provided by Fondation Montréal Inc. volunteers. To arrange a coaching session, you must contact your coordinator who will recommend the most qualified volunteer to answer your questions. Contact your coordinator for more information.

Speed Coaching

Twice a year, the Foundation organizes one-hour flash consultation sessions on a given topic such as finance, marketing or legal affairs. 

Each session involves a volunteer and one entrepreneur  is prepared according to the specific needs of the laureate. This formula, which is highly appreciated by the participants, allows the laureates to take advantage of the experience of volunteers from the business community and to explore new solutions to their problems.

Group Coaching

Group coaching involves bringing together 3 to 5 volunteers to help the entrepreneurial team deal with impasses or provide guidance when making important strategic decisions.


Call for applications : International Business Development

Fondation Montréal Inc., in partnership with Les Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec (LOJIQ), is offering a support and training program for Fondation Montréal inc.'s laureates and promotors who wish to embark on a business travel overseas.  The objective of this program is to help laureates and promotors:

  • Develop their business project;
  • Take part in an event (trade show, exposition, conference, workshop) or in a commercial mission;
  • Seize business opportunities;
  • Develop new partnerships and collaborations;
  • Obtain the expertise of an international partner;
  • Discover potential markets;
  • Develop an international network of contacts.

Interested laureates and promotors must propose a business stay which is in line with their business development objectives, before September 15, 2017.  The proposed business stay must take place between November 1st 2017 and March 31, 2018.   More details.

Advisory committee

We help entrepreneurs wishing to form or add to their advisory committee find the right experts from within our network of over 300 business volunteers.

Collaborative group

Small groups of six to eight entrepreneurs meet on a regular basis (every six weeks) to discuss a different topic of interest and benefit from each other's ideas and experience.

Market Evaluation

This service aims to help entrepreneurs to base their decisions on hard facts and to verify them with their target customers. A meeting is organized between the entrepreneurial team and a group of 3 to 5 volunteers, whose profiles match those of prospective customers. The purpose of the meeting is to help entrepreneurs better understand the needs of their customers and to adapt their offers and their business models accordingly.


For information
Myriane Baril, Director
Phone: 514 872-9089