Permanent Staff

The Fondation Montréal inc. is primarily a team that includes permanent staff and a Board of Directors. All these individuals are driven by a common goal: to support young Montrealers in their dream of starting up a business.


Liette Lamonde,

Executive Director
514 872-8401

Naouel Hanani

Director of Operations
514 872-0007

Valérie Danger

Communications Director
514 872-5768

Pierre LeBlanc

Head Volunteer
514 872-8164

Myriane Baril

Advisor, Services
for Entrepreneurs
514 872-9089

Denis Karegeya,

Financing Advisor
for entrepreneurs
514 872-2989

Marcos Pereira,

Financing Advisor
for entrepreneurs
514 868-5598

Daniel Bazan

Advisor, Services 
for Entrepreneurs
514 280-2705

Samuelle Filion

Chief, Communications 
514 872-8373

Florie Jeannet

Digital Communications
514 872-2939

Denis Bélanger


Coach en résidence